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Re: st: dot chart with ci

From   David Crow <>
Subject   Re: st: dot chart with ci
Date   Thu, 9 May 2013 13:37:45 -0500

Dear Rick-

Have you tried ecl plot?  For this routine, you need a database with
four variables:  the value of your dots (y-axis), the lower and upper
bounds of your confidence intervals (mu-1.96*se, mu+1.96*se), where mu
is the value of your dots, and an id variable that gives a unique
identifier for each observation (x-axis).  This plot gives a number of
options for endcaps, appearances of the lines or bars for confidence
intervals, etc.

Here's some sample code:

input B cil ciu parmid
-.1556 -.217  -.094 1
-.058 -.090 -.025 2
.041 .001 .081 3
.139 .066 .212 4
eclplot B cil ciu parmid, ///
	rplottype(rspike) ///
	ciopts(lc(black)) ///
	estopts(col(black) msiz(small)) ///
	title("Effect of Income on Evaluations of Democracy" "at Different
Levels of Satisfaction with Democracy", col(black)) ///
	xtitle("Level of Satisfaction with Democracy") ///
	xlabel(1 "Not at All" 2 "Not Very" 3 "Somewhat" 4 "Very") ///
	xsca(titlegap(5)) ytitle("Coefficient for Effect of Income" "on
Evaluation of Democracy") ///
	yline(0, lw(medthick) lc(black))

I just saw that it looks like you had solved the problem otherwise,
but this is still a pretty useful command.  Hope it helps.


On Thu, May 9, 2013 at 6:31 AM, Richard Moverare
<> wrote:
> Dear Statalist,
> I would like to creat a dot chart with confidence intervals attached
> to the dots. I have variables for the estimates and their lower and
> upper bound. I have two estimates for each group of a group variable.
> So something like
> sysuse auto, clear
> graph dot (mean) length weight, over(rep78)
> But as mentioned I would like to add the confidence intervals. I guess
> I should use twoway scatter with rcap, but I don't get the result I
> want. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
> All the best,
> Rick
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