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Re: st: Is there an -mi drop- command?

From   daniel klein <>
To   "" <>
Subject   Re: st: Is there an -mi drop- command?
Date   Wed, 10 Apr 2013 14:56:25 +0200


there is a -mi earse- command, but this does not seem to do what you
want. It seems you have to -drop- the data yourself.

Assuming your data is set -flong- style, all you need to do, is -drop-
the observations for which _mi_m equals one of the numbers of imputed
datasets you want to drop, then renumber the datasets (i.e. _mi_m) and
set the characteristic _dta[mi_M] to the number of imputations left. I
hope this approach does not oversimplify the problem, but it seems
there is not all too much "magic" behind -mi- that StataCorp is not
willing to document.

Anyway, here is a draft

*! version 1.0.0 10apr2013 Daniel Klein

pr midropm
    vers 11.2

    // check basic setting
    u_mi_assert_set flong

    loc M : char _dta[_mi_M]
    if !(`M') {
        di as err "no imputations"
        e 459

    // get user
    syntax anything(id = "numlist") [, noUPdate]

    numlist "`anything'" ,int max(249) r(>0 <=`M') sort
    loc todrop `r(numlist)'
    loc todrop : list uniq todrop
    loc todrop : subinstr loc todrop " " ", " ,all

    // drop datasets
    qui drop if inlist(_mi_m, `todrop')

    // renumber _mi_m
    tempname old
    qui ta _mi_m if _mi_m ,matrow(`old')
    loc nM = r(r)
    forv j = 1/`nM' {
        qui replace _mi_m = `j' if (_mi_m == `old'[`j', 1])

    // reset M
    char _dta[_mi_M] `nM'

    // certify
    if ("`update'" == "") u_mi_certify_data ,proper


I'm pretty sure the answer to this question is no: I've scoured the MI
manual and can't find it.

Let me explain what I'm looking for and why I think such a command
would be useful.

Any thoughts?
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