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Re:st: maximum likelihood no observations error

From   andylaustata <>
Subject   Re:st: maximum likelihood no observations error
Date   Wed, 13 Mar 2013 08:24:38 +0800 (CST)

Thanks for your advice Nick, and sorry for my thoughtlessness. Poi (2002) stands for "Poi, B. P. 2002. From the help desk: Demand system estimation.  Stata Journal 2(4): 403--410". Also, I have double checked all the variables that I used and none of them has any missing values.

Besides, many apologies to anyone who might have considered helping me, but found it impossible to implement my ado program, because I did not send my do code in the first place. So, I am copying my do code here. As you can see, the do code will load food.dta into your stata from So, expect for some copying and pasting, it is all ready for anyone interested enough to quickly run my code and see how the problem comes up. 


use, clear

glo NEQN = 4   /* Number of equations. */

ml model d0 RDS1 () /beta_v /theta_v /ga_v1 /ga_v2  /*
                    */ /ga_v3 /ta_v1 /ta_v2 /ta_v3 /et_v1 /et_v2 /et_v3
ml check

ml search

ml maximize

At 2013-03-12 20:17:21,"Nick Cox" <> wrote:
>Generic advice on Statalist, which you should have read in the FAQ.
>Please give full references, not minimal references such as Poi
>Specific advice on your problem. Even experienced programmers often do
>not have much success in just looking at a program to find bugs. It's
>best to be proactive. -list- the data at some point and then identify
>what is not present that should be, or missing. If your real dataset
>is big, it might be best to test the program on a small subset.

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