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Re: st: Fw: Unable to combine graphs using -grc1leg-

Subject   Re: st: Fw: Unable to combine graphs using -grc1leg-
Date   Thu, 28 Feb 2013 15:17:07 +0000

Hello Scott and Nick,

Many thanks for your replies.

Scott, I can confirm that the below code also works for me so, as Nick 
said, it must be something about that charts themselves that are messing 
things up.

Nick, I haven't got the word "key" mentioned in the charts.  However, I do 
make a number of modifications to the individual charts using the graph 
editor, and I have discovered that -grc1leg- works fine on the unmodified 
charts.  So it looks like something I am doing in the graph editor is the 
culprit.  I'll try to keep my use of the graph editor to a minimum and see 
if that helps.

Many thanks,


From:   Scott Merryman <>
Date:   28/02/2013 13:43
Subject:        Re: st: Fw: Unable to combine graphs using -grc1leg-
Sent by:

The example below works:

sysuse auto
reg price c.weight##c.mpg  i.rep
qui margins, at(weight=(1500(500)5000)  rep=(1(1)5))
marginsplot , plotdimension(rep78) noci name(graph1, replace)
qui margins, at(mpg=(10(10)50)  rep=(1(1)5))
marginsplot , plotdimension(rep78) noci name(graph2, replace)
grc1leg graph1 graph2

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