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st: pkequiv and p-values from one-sided t-tests

From   Nigel Perkins <>
Subject   st: pkequiv and p-values from one-sided t-tests
Date   Mon, 25 Feb 2013 16:28:11 +1000

I am using pkequiv in Stata 12.1 to analyse data for bioequivalence

. pkequiv value treat period sequence id, tost

      Classic confidence interval for bioequivalence
                         [equivalence limits]        [    test limits   ]
           difference:   -86.775       86.775       -150.067      185.817
                ratio:       80%         120%         65.412%     142.827%
      probability test limits are within equivalence limits =    0.0160
      Schuirmann's two one-sided tests
      upper test statistic =    -0.797                   p-value =     0.456
      lower test statistic =     1.211                   p-value =     0.271
Everything makes sense to me except the reported p-values for the
Schuirmann's tests.

The DF for this dataset is equal to 6 based on a 2-period cross-over study
with n=4 in each sequence.

The reported p-values appear to be two-sided p-values and not one-sided
p-values. I can estimate one-sided p-values using Excel or a web-calculator
and they are numerically equal to half the p-values reported by pkequiv. I
expected the Schuirmann tests to each report a one-sided p-value.

I have repeated this analysis using a couple of different datasets and the
results appear to be consistent.

I am wondering if I am doing something wrong here. Any comment would be much

Nigel Perkins
AusVet, Australia
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