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Re: st: controling x-axis size in graph hbar.

From   Amadou DIALLO <>
Subject   Re: st: controling x-axis size in graph hbar.
Date   Fri, 22 Feb 2013 11:24:35 +0100

As always, thanks Nick !
I am learning a lot !

2013/2/22, Nick Cox <>:
> This is a question about axis label size, not axis size.
> -graph hbar- is a bit unusual in its syntax, but all you need is
> documented in the help. There is absolutely no need to look on
> Statalist for standard syntax issues.
> Here's the nub of the matter as documented in -help graph bar-:
> "-graph hbar- draws horizontal bar charts.  In a horizontal bar chart,
> the numerical axis is still called the
>     y axis...."
> To spell this out.
> 1. As far as -graph hbar- is concerned, the horizontal axis is the y
> axis, as that shows the response. This shows numerical values, e.g.
> actual values, means, etc.
> 2. Hence y implying response trumps the traditional terminology in
> coordinate geometry that y implies the vertical axis.
> 3. A good reason for this is to allow users to change very easily from
> -bar- to -hbar-, as _all_ they need to do is change -bar- to -hbar-,
> or vice versa. They do not have to change -x- to -y- and -y- to -x- in
> reference to titles, labels, scales, etc.
> 4. The other vertical axis is _not_ therefore called the y axis by
> -graph hbar-. Nor is it the x-axis. Rather, Stata works with the idea
> of a categorical axis.
> But as controlling -label()- within -over()- is not what you want, and
> as you should be referring to the y axis, the solution to your problem
> is
> ... yla(, labsize(small))
> Nick
> On Fri, Feb 22, 2013 at 9:32 AM, Amadou DIALLO <>
> wrote:
>> I want to control for the x-axis size in a hbar command, but after
>> looking through many threads, have not been able to figure out the
>> solution. I control the y-axis size in the over() option, but what
>> about x-axis?
>> When I include xlabel() option to control for the size, I get the
>> error xaxis1 does not exist.
>> I know there must be a solution in various messages but cannot locate.
>> Many thanks fro usual help.
>> graph hbar ag_pergdp edu_pergdp health_pergdp def_pergdp sp_pergdp
>> tc_pergdp, over(year, label(labsize(vsmall))) // xlabel(,size(vsmall))
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Amadou B. DIALLO, PhD.
Senior Economist, AfDB.
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