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Re: st: Rusty on outreg ... Automatic column numbers?

From   John Luke Gallup <>
Subject   Re: st: Rusty on outreg ... Automatic column numbers?
Date   Thu, 7 Feb 2013 14:59:05 -0800


Removing automatic column numbers was one of the changes I made in the new version of -outreg- that I released a couple of years ago.  That was because it is usually necessary to assign a column name for merged columns anyway, and it is easy to add a column number at the same time.  I felt that the old version of -outreg- had too many obscure options which could be done almost as easily with a smaller number of general options.

To add column numbers, include them in the -ctitle- option:

sysuse auto, clear 
regress mpg weight
outreg, ctitle("","(1)"\"","Base") varlabels
regress mpg weight length
outreg, merge ctitle("","(2)"\"","With length") varlabels

The table looks like this:

                                       (1)         (2)     
                                      Base     With length 
                    Weight (lbs.)    -0.006      -0.004    
                                    (11.60)**    (2.43)*   
                    Length (in.)                 -0.080    
                    Constant         39.440      47.885    
                                    (24.44)**   (7.87)**   
                    R2                0.65        0.66     
                    N                  74          74      
                              * p<0.05; ** p<0.01


On Feb 7, 2013, at 1:30 PM, Jorge Eduardo Pérez Pérez <> wrote:

> Dear Statalist.
> I am a little rusty in how outreg works, I am still trying to
> internalize the syntax of the new version. How do I add automatic
> column numbers when merging multiple regressions?
> Thanks!
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> Jorge Eduardo Pérez Pérez
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