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st: Absolute beginners guide to Multivariate probit analysis using Stata 12

From   Sharon Brody <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: Absolute beginners guide to Multivariate probit analysis using Stata 12
Date   Tue, 13 Nov 2012 19:58:24 +0000 (GMT)

I am new to Stata and new to statistics.
I have a dataset from a survey of 12200 people that I need to analyse. I have worked out binary probit and ordered probit, but am struggling with Multivariate probit.
I have 5 variables that I need to assess there correlation with each other but more importantly the relationships between these and the other variables in the dataset. (Simultaneous equations I think its called)
These variables are: % food recycled, % glass recycled, % metal recycled, % paper recycled and % plastic recycled. Each variable is ranked 0 to 100%. I have put them into 5 groups of 0%, 1-25%, 26-50%, 51-75% and 76-100%. I have also created variables for Yes/No ie do you recycle - respondents saying yes are 1 and those saying no are 0. We also have the Sweights to add.
Now for the questions:
1. Do I used the full 0-100% option (101 options), the 5 option, or the yes/no option for multivariate?
2. How do I imput it into Stata 12 to analyse the interactions between each other and then how do I use these results to analyse them against a large range of independent variables?
3. Can I do marginal effects on these as well?

Please give me a basic beginners answer
Thank You

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