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st: Re: st is it stata or something else acting off

From   daniel klein <>
Subject   st: Re: st is it stata or something else acting off
Date   Fri, 14 Sep 2012 17:34:09 +0200


it seems you are not reading the help files very carefully. Typing

[...] STARTdate(str)

indeed allows you to abbreviate option startdate() to start(). However
this does not mean, that the specified string is stored in local
<start>. It is still stored in local <startdate> (the option's name).
Therefore your code

odbc load, [...] between '`start'' and '`end''")

evaluates to

odbc load, [...] between and )

and causes an error.

Just a word on programming style/readability: I would prefer

syntax, STARTdate(str) ENDdate(str) [ DOC_type(str) analyst(str)
ticker(str) sector(str) firm(int -1) stat(str) ]
if "`doc_type'"!=""{


syntax, [DOC_type(str)] [ANALYST(str)]  [TICKER(str)] [SECTOR(str)]
STARTdate(str) ENDdate(str) [FIRM(int -1)] [STAT(str)]
if "`doc_type'"!=""{


Hello all,
    I have my syntax options capitalised to allow abbreviation. It
works with all other options listed below except startdate and
enddate. Here is the detail.

program foo
syntax, [DOC_type(str)] [ANALYST(str)]  [TICKER(str)] [SECTOR(str)]
STARTdate(str) ENDdate(str) [FIRM(int -1)] [STAT(str)]
if "`doc_type'"!=""{
  odbc load, exec("select count(*) from reader where read_date between
'`start'' and '`end''")

foo, doc(company) start(2011-01-01) end(2011-04-01) firm(567)

  The ODBC driver reported the following diagnostics
[MonetDB][ODBC Driver 11.9.5]timestamp () has incorrect format
22007!timestamp () has incorrect format


Any idea??
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