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st: RE: formatting looping regression results

From   "Pagel, Christina" <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: RE: formatting looping regression results
Date   Thu, 13 Sep 2012 14:23:35 +0000


I do something similar by creating local matrices within my DO file, writing out the results of individual regressions to these matrices and finally displaying the matrix in stata. I can then easily copy and paste this into Excel (which is where I like to pretty my tables up - I know tabout is good in Stata but I've never found the term to learn it)... 

Here is some example code:

*set a temporary name for the results table output by STATA
tempname TmpTable

matrix Results = J(4,9,.)  // matrix to store results of mean commands below
matrix colnames Results="Mean 1" "Mean 2" "Mean 3" "LB 1" "LB 2" "LB 3" "UB 1"  "UB 2" "UB 3"
matrix rownames Results= "Var 1" "Var 2" "Var 3" "Var 4"
local RowNum = 0 // pointer to matrix row
local ColNumMean // pointer to matrix column for mean
local ColNumLB // pointer to matrix column for lower bound of confidence interval
local ColNumUB // pointer to matrix column for upper bound of confidence interval

foreach CountVar of varlist Var1 Var2 Var3 Var4 {	//loop for variables
*increment row
local RowNum=1+`RowNum'

foreach DelType of numlist 0 1 2 {	//loop for mean types (DelType)

*this is how I have my table set up... (see col names for matrix above)
local ColNumMean=`DelType'+1
local ColNumLB=(`DelType'*2)+4
local ColNumUB=(`DelType'*2)+5

*this is where I do the actual regression
quietly xtreg `CountVar' if TrialArm==0 & DeliveryType==`DelType', i(TrialCluster) re

*r(table) is a very useful stata command that can be used to output all results into a matrix
matrix `TmpTable'=r(table)

/* matrix looks like this - for your regression command have a look at what r(table) returns!
     b  .49740385
    se   .0793922
     z  6.2651476
pvalue  3.725e-10
    ll    .341798
    ul   .6530097
    df          .
  crit   1.959964
 eform          0

 I want elements [1,1], [5,1] and [6,1] */

matrix Results[`RowNum',`ColNumMean'] = `TmpTable'[1,1]
matrix Results[`RowNum',`ColNumLB'] = `TmpTable'[5,1]
matrix Results[`RowNum',`ColNumUB'] = `TmpTable'[6,1]

*finally I display the matrix with headers to check it looks ok
matrix list Results

*to make it easier to copy and paste I display again without headers
matrix list Results, nonames noheader

Hope this helps! 
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From: [] On Behalf Of Israel Pearce
Sent: 13 September 2012 12:28 AM
Subject: st: formatting looping regression results


I am running regressions in a loop and want to find a good way to get output to excel. I can't seem to work eststo and estout quite right.
Here is the idea:

Looping through an id# and 8 LHS varibles (RHS variables are the same) leaves me with 8 regressions per id from which I want a b, se, r2, N.

Ideally, I want to save them as
b1 (reg1) b1(reg2) b1(reg3)................
se (reg1) se(reg2)..................
b2 (reg1).................................
se2 (reg1)...................

se(reg1) etc....

In general would eststo and estout work here? I am having trouble creating an identifier for each regression using that, and then understanding how to stack it how I want to. Thanks!
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