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st: How to export Mann-Whitney U Test output in rich text format

From   Caliph Omar Moumin <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: How to export Mann-Whitney U Test output in rich text format
Date   Sat, 1 Sep 2012 04:35:58 -0700 (PDT)

Dear Statlist helpers
I am having a problem of how to export  Mann-Whitney U Test output into rich text format "rtf"
 I tried to combine command like "eststo" "estpost" and the other but it is not working.
my command is listed below, what command shall i combine to export outputs including  obs;  rank sum;    expected; z and others statistics.
If you know how could you please help me?
forval i = 1/8 {
display "*================================================*"
display "`: label (tilstand4) `i''" _n
 display "*================================================*"
 bysort gender: ranksum LOS if  (tilstand4 == `i'), by(alcoholcons)

Two-sample Wilcoxon rank-sum (Mann-Whitney) test
 alcoholcons |      obs    rank sum    expected
  nonalcohol |     5071    14440834    14695758
     alcohol |      724     2353076     2098152
    combined |     5795    16793910    16793910

unadjusted variance   1.773e+09
adjustment for ties  -2.667e+08
adjusted variance     1.507e+09
Ho: LOS(alcoho~s==nonalcohol) = LOS(alcoho~s==alcohol)
             z =  -6.568
    Prob > |z| =   0.0000

Kind Regards,

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