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st: Error re xline in stgest -

From   "Friedmann, Erika" <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: Error re xline in stgest -
Date   Tue, 12 Jun 2012 10:21:44 -0400

I am getting an error about incorrect specification of ()xline in stgest:  option xline() incorrectly specified.  The program appears to run correctly but does not produce the graph. 

showing the details of the iterations the last line before FINISH is

psi=1 Z=-27.43 esthi=-4 estlo=. upphi=-4 upplo=. lowhi=-4 lowlo=. stop=0
estOK=1, lowOK=1, hiOK=1

 The results of the G-estimate  also give (95% CI     . to -1.500)  which may be related to the problem.
I have compared my syntax to the syntax of the examples (which run correctly) and produce the graph.  

My syntax is 
stset RBC_COUNTER if HX_RBC == 0 , failure(DIED ==1) exit(DIED ==1) id(ID2)
stgest   EX_TX ex2catlt26 un_lenal un_esa un_hma  FEMALE agecat65to78 agecat79pl agecat2xfemal agecat3xfemal /*
 */ MINORITY indx_dx_fin_73 indx_dx_fin_74 indx_dx_fin_75_OR_70   /*                                
  */,  visit(RBC_COUNTER) firstvis(1) lasttime(obs_endofstudy) range(-4, 1) /*
  */lagconf(un_lenal un_hma un_esa EX_TX  rbccat1to3 rbccatgt3) detail /*
  */saveres(gestres)replace saving(ex.gph,replace)

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
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