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Re: st: Output logistic regression results using outreg

From   Phil Clayton <>
Subject   Re: st: Output logistic regression results using outreg
Date   Thu, 9 Feb 2012 16:31:52 +1100

At 09:14 PM 2/8/2012, Maria Cecilia Vieira da Silva wrote:
>> I tried:
>> outreg using results, b ci p replace ///
>> it did not work.

On 09/02/2012, at 4:18 PM, Richard Williams wrote:
> It may be you have a syntax error, but -outreg- has a zillion options so if so it isn't obvious to me. In any event, could you be more specific? What do you mean, "it did not work?" Are you getting an error message, or are you just not getting things printed out that you would like, or what? It would help to show the command you typed before outreg, along with the message or output you got immediately afterwards. I might also drop the "using results" temporarily so the output is printed to your screen.

... and if you're running exactly this from a do-file:
outreg using results, b ci p replace ///

Then it may not work because of the /// at the end of the line (which tells Stata that the command continues on the next line - so either the /// shouldn't be there or you haven't shown us the entire command).

Also, -outreg- is not part of Stata - it's a user-written command from SSC. You should mention this in your post and tell us which version you're running (-which outreg-)

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