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st: RE: kendall's tau or gamma

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: RE: kendall's tau or gamma
Date   Mon, 31 Oct 2011 14:14:01 +0000

You don't say _exactly_ what command(s) and what syntax you used. This works for me:

. sysuse auto 

. tab foreign rep78, gamma

           |                   Repair Record 1978
  Car type |         1          2          3          4          5 |     Total
  Domestic |         2          8         27          9          2 |        48 
   Foreign |         0          0          3          9          9 |        21 
     Total |         2          8         30         18         11 |        69 

                    gamma =   0.8768  ASE = 0.064

. ktau foreign rep78

  Number of obs =      69
Kendall's tau-a =       0.3095
Kendall's tau-b =       0.5589
Kendall's score =     726
    SE of score =     145.056   (corrected for ties)

Test of Ho: foreign and rep78 are independent
     Prob > |z| =       0.0000  (continuity corrected)

-- and in addition -tabulate- does support most kinds of weights. 

I don't know what Stata's "survey function" is. That would be a function -survey()-, but it doesn't exist. Perhaps you meant some survey command, but again you don't say what it is. 

I'll add on Roger Newson's behalf that his -somersd- (-findit- for locations) is more versatile yet than any of these commands in this respect. 


Abelev, Melissa 

I'm trying to construct a crosstab on weighted, ordinal data.  Stata will d= o the crosstab.  When I try to get the gamma or kendall's tau (or any measu= res of association), it says "option gamma not allowed" (or substitute "gam= ma" for any measure I tried).  Why is this?  I tried the survey function, b= ut gamma and tau aren't options in the measures.  Can anyone provide some l= ight here?  I just need to be able to say whether or not the variables are = associated, and the strength and direction of the relationship...??

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