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RE: st: RE: r(1000) error when running xi

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   RE: st: RE: r(1000) error when running xi
Date   Mon, 31 Oct 2011 12:39:42 +0000

I see. There is a division of labour here: if the problem appears to be in -ice- then tech-support is likely to refer you to its author. 

I have no guesses what is going on. I try never to estimate more about seven parameters at a time. 


A Loumiotis

Thanks Nick.
I will contact tech support and I will take your advise from now on
and clone official stata commands before I modify them.

The problem occurs when I use -ice- which does not accept factor
variables (and the -ice- code uses xi).

SJ-9-3  st0067_4  . Mult. imp.: update of ice, with emphasis on cat. variables
        (help ice, uvis if installed) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . P. Royston
        Q3/09   SJ 9(3):466--477
        update of ice package with emphasis on categorical
        variables; clarifies relationship between ice and mi

On Mon, Oct 31, 2011 at 2:09 PM, Nick Cox <> wrote:
> Also, -xi:- is not needed in Stata 11, given the introduction of factor variables.
> Nick
> A Loumiotis
> I get the following error when I run xi:
> system limit exceeded - see manual
> r(1000);
> I modified a bit xi and measured the length of the local orig and
> found out that the error occurs when the macro length of orig exceeds
> 165198.  I'm surprised because I'm not using Stata/IC where the macro
> limit is 165,200 but I'm using Stata/MP where the macro limit is
> 1,081,511.  Do you know why this is happening?
> My version of Stata is the following:
> .about
> Stata/MP 11.2 for Windows (32-bit)
> Born 01 Sep 2011
> Copyright 1985-2009 StataCorp LP
> Total physical memory:     2097151 KB
> Available physical memory: 1726136 KB

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