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Re: st: Multiple density plots, rotated and distributed on x-axis

From   Scott Merryman <>
Subject   Re: st: Multiple density plots, rotated and distributed on x-axis
Date   Tue, 2 Aug 2011 12:55:48 -0500

Like this?

sysuse auto
set obs 5000
kdensity mpg if fore == 0, n(5000) k(gauss) bw(3) gen(h0 d0)
line d0 h0
kdensity mpg if fore == 1, n(5000) k(gauss) bw(3) gen(h1 d1)

replace d1 = d1 + .2

tabstat mpg, by(fore) stat(p25 p50 p75) nototal

line h1 d1 || line h0 d0, xtitle("")  xlabel( .02 "Domestic" .22
"Foreign" ) ///
  legend(off)  scheme(lean1)   ///
  || scatteri  24.5 .264   19 .077 , recast(connected) ms(O) lw(thin)  ///
  || scatteri  21 .255   16.5 .0698 , recast(connected) ms(O) lw(thin) ///
  || scatteri  28 .2427   22 .0601 , recast(connected) ms(O) lw(thin)


On Mon, Aug 1, 2011 at 1:26 PM, Venable <> wrote:
> Dear Statalist,
> I would like to create a graph that contains several kernel density
> plots, but with the plot rotated 90% right from the usual orientation,
> and with each plot aligned to a point on the x axis.
> To be more concrete (borrowing an example from Angrist and Pischke,
> Mostly Harmless Econometrics, Figure 3.1.1), suppose I wanted to show
> the distribution of incomes in the US at different levels of eduction,
> e.g. 8 years, 12 years, 14, 16, etc. The x-axis of the graph would be
> years of education and the y axis the level of income.  Above each
> year, there would be a kernel density plot of incomes for that year,
> with each rotated to the right, so that the "height" (density) is
> horizontal distance.
> An additional bonus would be to be able to mark a few quantiles on
> each density and connect these between years. For example, mark the
> 25th, median and 75th percentile for each year and have these points
> connected.
> Is this possible in Stata?
> I fear I may not be explaining this well in words, in spite of the
> fact that it is very easy to show as a picture. Unfortunately Figure
> 3.1.1 is not available in the Google Preview version of Mostly
> Harmless Econometrics, so I have posted a simple hand-drawn version
> here:

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