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st: FW: Need help with STATA

From   "Vijayakumar, Arihanth" <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: FW: Need help with STATA
Date   Sun, 10 Jul 2011 11:03:49 +0000


I am Arihanth Vijayakumar currently pursuing my MSc. Telecommunications and Information Systems at the University of Essex, United Kingdom.

I need a macro/code which can help me split a set of data for my dissertation on a particular criteria. The file is actually very large with 399327 entries of which the sample data is given below.

Time (milliseconds) Length of packet
0                           60
0.435                     1506
1.88                         60
2.337                     1514
2.461                     1514
5.428                     60
5.828                     1506
9.393                     60
9.754                     1112
13.89                     60
14.309                    1506
14.431                     1506
14.554                     1506
19.368                     60
19.448                     60
19.768                     1414
19.886                     1414
20.018                     1506

The data runs till 9000ms (900seconds). I need to split this data in the intervals of every 100 ms and create separate worksheet/workbook. Could you please help me with the coding for the same. I tried a few codes with the help of my fellow MSc Economics students but was unsuccessful. I would be grateful if you can help me with the same.

Please find attached the code created for your reference.

Looking forward for your replies.

#delimit ;

set more off;
pause on;

cd "/Users/deepaksaraswat/Desktop/arihant";

/*Load Dataset*/
use obs_stata.dta;
drop in 1;

gen x1=.0099;

gen time1=time if time < x1;

forval i= 1/10  {;
       local j = `i'+1;
       gen x`j'= x`i'+ .0100;

save obs_stata_2.dta;
use obs_stata_2.dta;

forval k=2/11 {;
    forval i=1/10 {;
       gen time`k'=time if time< x`k' & time`i'==.;

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