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st: impute with draws from random distribution

From   D-Ta <>
Subject   st: impute with draws from random distribution
Date   Wed, 22 Jun 2011 10:03:51 +0200

Dear All,

I am looking for a convenient solution to the following problem. That is the type of the sample I am working with:

id 	x1 	x2 	participant 	programm 	time to participation
1 	5 	23 	1 	1 	3.5
2 	6 	42 	1 	2 	5.7
3 	73 	7 	0 	. 	.
4 	35 	2 	0 	. 	.
5 	5 	6 	1 	1 	12
6 	34 	34 	1 	1 	3.5
7 	34 	34 	1 	2 	8.1

The sample consists of of individuals (with covariates x1 and x2) who can either be participating in programm 1, programm 2, or be non-participants. The non-participants are my controll group. One of the control variables that I would like to condition on in a subsequent matching step is time to participation. By definition, time to participation is not observed for the non-participants. Hence, I would like to create hypothetical values in that variable for the group of non-participant. It is standard in the literature to randomly draw from the distribution of the participants.

Since there are two groups of participants, there are also two different distributions in the start dates. I would like to assign two values in the time to participation to each non-participant (hypothetical time to participation in programm 1 and hypothetical time to participation in programm 2)

Any suggestions how to do this??



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