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Re: st: file name problem with stata2mplus

From   "Michael N. Mitchell" <>
Subject   Re: st: file name problem with stata2mplus
Date   Mon, 20 Dec 2010 13:21:23 -0800


Indeed, Anders has identified the exact issue... My practice was to save the file into the same folder, just specifying a file name, and never bumped into this. However, this is a better way to approach this and I have asked the kind people at UCLA ATS stat consulting to update the program when they have a chance.

In the meanwhile, you can store the file into the current folder (by just specifying a file name) and then you could use the -copy- command to copy the file to another location as needed.

Best regards,

Michael N. Mitchell
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On 2010-12-20 7.29 AM, Anders Alexandersson wrote:
Evelyn, I can reproduce the problem using Stata/SE 11.1 for Windows (32 bit).

The -stata2mplus- command is a user-written program by Michael
Mitchell. You may also want to consider the user-written command

There appears to be a small problem in -stata2mplus- on line 40 which,
I think, should read:
outsheet using "`using'.dat" , comma nonames nolabel `replace'

Your workaround was good because it was simple and it worked. You
should be able to rename directories (folders) and files without
having to use a USB stick.
Another workaround is to fix the code on line 40. If you do this, then
I suggest you also rename the program on lines 7 and 8 to something
else, for example to -stata2mplus2-, and add a comment at the top. You
would then use the modified program.

Anders Alexandersson

On Mon, Dec 20, 2010, Evelyn Ersanilli<>  wrote:
I've been experiencing some problems with converting a file from Stata to Mplus using the 'stata2mplus' command
The problem is that the command does not seem to accept spaces in the destination file/folder name.
The normal Stata strategy of using quotation marks doesn't seem to work
I've tried:

stata2mplus using  "C:\My Documents\Pilot 2" , replace
invalid 'Documents'


I've found a work-around by putting the file on a USB stick so that I can lose the 'My Documents' part, but I feel that there must be a better way.
Any suggestions?

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