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Re: st: r603?

From   Neil Shephard <>
Subject   Re: st: r603?
Date   Wed, 13 Oct 2010 08:43:28 +0000

Not a Stata solution but if you've "millions" of files to back up
regularly you should really consider using something like rsync to
mirror your directory.  It takes a long time to run in the first
instance as it has to copy everything over, but after that it only
copies the parts of files that have changed (or new files if more have
been added to the directory you are copying from).

Your current approach will copy over files that have previously been
copied which is a waste of time if they are the same.

It will even allow you to synchronise with remote servers (in fact
thats its original design, but sync doesn't care if remote/local
directories are on the same computer, network drives, different
servers/networks in general).

A windows version is available
from  (the main *NIX
based program is from Samba, and is detailed at ).  You'll also find an implementation of it
for Cygwin if you want to also have a UNIX-like shell under M$-Windows


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