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st: Identifier names on Statalist [was: How to read a particular value in a variables then save it to macro?]

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: Identifier names on Statalist [was: How to read a particular value in a variables then save it to macro?]
Date   Sun, 29 Aug 2010 16:28:41 +0100

Surprising though it may seem, we don't have any rules on names and/or identifiers used on Statalist. That would be futile any way. 

But just brief acquaintance with the list shows that most people do use their real names. Personally I think that is a valuable and healthy tradition. 

In addition I agree broadly in spirit with David. Names based on "Stata" may prove even slightly confusing or irritating to others. That confusion or irritation may reduce people's willingness to take you seriously and answer your question. Please avoid. 



My apology for causing such a confusion, actually,  I just want to
register a new email account for keeping the statalist discussion
only. That is my only intent. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

David Elliott 

> Agreed, Jeph, and I did note Allen used his name in his closing and I
> also know some users create special accounts for mailing lists (which
> are notoriously trolled by spammers for email addresses).  I simply
> take exception to the potential confusion arising from using Statalist
> as a username.  Unlike simply having a different email account, it
> provides the sender no additional benefit in distinguishing return
> posts because they will be be named Statalist
> <> anyhow. Your own use of an email
> account stata@spa... causes no confusion because you are still clearly
> identified as yourself.
> Perhaps I'm just old and cranky and easily confused...

David Elliott 

>>> I'm not sure what was behind your intent when you chose an eMail
>>> address of "" and a name of STATALIST STATALIST.
>>>  While no-one else has taken you to task, please understand that
>>> having people open your posts because they look like they are official
>>> communication from Statalist is a bit cheesy and if that was your
>>> intent, it is an unbecoming subterfuge.
>>> If this was in no way your intention, then please excuse my tone.
>>> Nonetheless, why not use your own name like nearly everyone else does?

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