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st: RE: Categorising dates

From   Nick Cox <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: RE: Categorising dates
Date   Tue, 24 Aug 2010 15:33:40 +0100

To get any distance in working with dates, you need to study the menagerie of associated functions. Start at -help dates-. 

The second question, which looks simpler, is ambiguous. Do you mean just month, so that 

Month of 24 August 2010 := August 

-- or do you really mean year and month, so that 

Month of 24 August 2010 := August 2010 


For the first, use -month()-. For the second use, -mofd()-. Examples:

. di month(mdy(8,24,2010))

. di mofd(mdy(8,24,2010))

. di %tmm_Cy  mofd(mdy(8,24,2010))
Aug 2010

The second question looks less simple but is clear. Stata has a -dow()- function yielding day of the week, coded 0 for Mondays through 6 for Saturdays. Therefore the previous Monday is given by 

gen mondays = cond(dow(day) == 0, day - 6, day - dow(day) + 1)

i.e. 6 days before any Sunday, etc. 

This variable codes days by the previous Monday, and so classifies weeks accordingly. 
There may well be a simpler way to do it. 


sara khan

I have a list of daily dates inthe format, for example, 23 Sep 09, and
need to create two variables. One is to categorise the days into
weekly data (so week commencing on a Monday). The second is to create
a variable cataegorsing the daily data into monthly data.

I would be grateful for advice on how to do this.

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