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Re: st: create local macros named after the values of a categorial variable

From   Oliver Jones <>
Subject   Re: st: create local macros named after the values of a categorial variable
Date   Mon, 16 Aug 2010 11:13:55 +0200

Hi everybody,

@ Maarten: Thanks a lot for your example. It let me learn a couple of nice stata-tricks.
The result your example produces is exactly what I want to get from my dataset. And that is exactly what the workaround all ready (slowly) dose. Since I produce 60 such dummy variables ,like your x`i' variables, to indicate an observations sex, employment status (3 categories) and agegroup (10 categories) (2*3*10=60) and I have approx 20 million observations per year I still need quite a bit of RAM. Thus I split up the counting into 6 parts (10 dummys in each part) and in the end put the part-results together.

@ Jeph: As with Maartens example, your hint made me aware of an option to the -tabulate- command that might come in handy later on. Thanks for that.

But right now the code that I needed was that inspired by Sergiy:

*************  begin code  **************************

levelsof city_code, local(codes)

foreach code of local codes {
	local i = `i' + 1 // 1, 2, ..., N; where N is the number
	                  //               of distinct codes
	local city`code' = `i'
	display "{text}For city code " ///
		"{result}`code' {text}the value of the " ///
		"local  macro (named {result}city`code'{text}) is " ///
*************  end code  **************************

I'm still not finished with my hopefully efficient counting program. Maybe I will never be.

For now I have to postpone it and move on to do some other stuff.

Thanks for all the help, it is much appreciated and I will be back with more questions.

Kind regards

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