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Re: st: Adding a blank space at the end of a variable in preparation for reclink

From   Duha Altindag <>
Subject   Re: st: Adding a blank space at the end of a variable in preparation for reclink
Date   Mon, 2 Aug 2010 02:12:45 +0000

I think this should insert a blank to the end:

g street_adress2=street_adress+" "

Also, I remember existence of command that creates the mirror image of
a string, like "abcd" turned into "dcba". If you could convert
street_adress into its mirror image, sall this new variable ss, then
each observation in ss will start like either "ts" or "eva" or "dvlb".
 For example, "Staton st" will be "ts notatS". Then you can use
subinstr(ss, "ts", "teerts",1) will convert first "ts" in ss into
"teerts". Finally you can again use this mirror image command to
convert the variable into nice looking street adress variable.
Hope this helps.

On Mon, Aug 2, 2010 at 12:59 AM, Matthew Krauchunas
<> wrote:
> Hello,
> I am trying to clean up street addresses in preparation for a fuzzy
> merge via reclink.  I want to change st --> street, ave --> avenue, rd
> --> road etc.  I am running into a problem though as those characters
> are normally at the end of a string.  Thus, I cannot use commands
> like:
> replace street_address=subinstr( street_address, " st", " street ", .)
> replace street_address=subinstr( street_address, " ave", " avenue ", .)
> replace street_address=subinstr( street_address, " blvd", " boulevard ", .)
> Because it will change street names like "Stover" in street over.  I
> am thinking of adding an extra space at the end of street_address,
> running replace commands, and then removing the extra space via rtrim
> command.  Does this sound like a good plan of attack?  If so, does
> someone know how I can add a space the end of each of these
> observations?
> Thanks!
> Matt
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