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st: RE: metan with repeated-measures designs?

From   "Tiago V. Pereira" <>
Subject   st: RE: metan with repeated-measures designs?
Date   Fri, 23 Jul 2010 16:41:12 -0300 (BRT)

what if you create a single effect size (or something) like :

Delta_i = (pos[right leg]-pre[right leg])-(pos[left leg]-pre[left leg])

for the ith time (i = 1,2,3...n).

The variance for Delta_i is very straightforward for normal variables.

Then, use a multivariate meta-analysis approach.

Ben is right,  -mvmeta1- may be what you are looking for. However, as you
are working with summary data (probably from reported data, am I right?),
you don't have an estimate for the covariances for the effect sizes.

A strategy would be to search in the literature for these estimates (or
calculate them using a single study with raw data) - then try several
other values in sensitivity analyses.

I believe  there is no Stata code to perform meta-analysis of
repeated-measures exactly as you are looking for.


Please forgive my re-post, but I'm hoping there's a gem of info out there??

I'm looking for help using -matan- (or other) command for meta analysis of
studies that all used repeated measures designs.  In the most simple form,
I'd like to be able to estimate an across-studies effect for Pre/Post
differences when all I can extract from the literature are means and SD
pre and post for several studies (i.e. no mean difference score with
SD-diff were reported in any studies).

-metan- is great, but it's written for independent groups designs...  is
there a way to accommodate repeated-measures designs with -metan- or other
user-written commands?


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