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st: max length of 244 characters

From   SCHOUMAKER Bruno <>
Subject   st: max length of 244 characters
Date   Tue, 13 Jul 2010 17:24:43 +0200


I want to create a macro containing a list of expressions to compute using jackknife.

TFR_t is the macro containg the list of expressions, based on the macro TFR (see example below)

The problem is that the macro seems to limited to 244 characters : `TFR_t' is truncated to 244 characters.

Is there a way to store a longer string expression ?



local TFR="(5*(exp(_b[_cons])+exp(_b[_Iageg_5]+_b[_cons])+exp(_b[_Iageg_6]+_b[_cons])+exp(_b[_Iageg_7]+_b[_cons])+exp(_b[_Iageg_8]+_b[_cons])+exp(_b[_Iageg_9]+_b[_cons])+exp(_b[_Iageg_10]+_b[_cons])))"

forval i = 1(1)`maxtr' {
local mult`i'= " *exp(_b[_Itrendv_`i']) "
local TFRj`i'="TotFR`i'=(" + "`TFR'" + "`mult`i''" + ") "
local TFR_t="`TFR_t'"+"`TFRj`i''"

xi : jackknife "`TFR_t'", cluster("`cluster'") : poisson _d i.ageg i.trendv `if', exposure(exposy)


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