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st: Old Thread Revisited for Celebration Purposes

From   "Hoogendoorn, Adriaan" <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: Old Thread Revisited for Celebration Purposes
Date   Mon, 5 Jul 2010 11:27:56 +0200

I remember a very amusing discussion between Richard Williams and
Maarten Buis in an old thread (April 2007) on the "mim: reg command"
where Richard Williams asked why this command does not provide an
R-square statistic.

Maarten Buis responded to this post by providing a reference to
Donald Rubin's answer to the same question on the impute list.

Richard Williams reacted that Rubin's answer was not easily understood
and wished that everyone presented some Stata code when answering

Maarten Buis:

"No Stata code in his answer? How inconsiderate of him!"

Next, Maaten provided Stata code that allows every Stata user to obtain
an estimate of R-square from a multiple imputed dataset according to
Donald Rubin's suggestions.

Richard Williams:

"Thanks!!! Now somebody forward this to Don Rubin so he knows
what a real answer looks like. :)
As far as Maarten wasting time on his dissertation goes, I still
say his committee ought to just accept his collected postings
on Statalist."

(for more details: see

At that time, as a copromotor, I was one of the persons worrying about
Maarten getting his PhD thesis finished.

Now, more than three years later, I'm happy to say that last Friday
(July 2nd, 2010) his committee accepted (not his collected postings
on Statalist, but) his dissertation "Inequality on Educational Outcome and
Inequality Educational Opportunity in the Netherlands during the 20th Century".

In his dissertation he applies his Stata modules for fitting a measurement
model with causal indicators (sheafcoeff and propcnsreg) and for fitting
a sequential logit model (seqlogit). He also uses very powerful graphics
(his promotor Harry Ganzeboom even claimed that the main message of
Maarten's research is in the graph at the cover of his dissertation).

(for more details see - dissertation)

Maarten received the Cum Laude qualification for his PhD!

Cheers, Maarten! I'm very proud of you!

Adriaan Hoogendoorn
GGZ inGeest, Amsterdam

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