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st: AW: float to numeric??

From   "Martin Weiss" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: AW: float to numeric??
Date   Mon, 21 Jun 2010 09:15:31 +0200


BTW, Özlen, the major distinction in Stata is between "numeric" and "string"
variables. Within "numeric", you have data types such as integer or float.
The "range" returned by -codebook- for your "chipeligrate" variable
indicates that one of its values, the minimum, is "0.1", which cannot be
held as integer:

inp myvar
recast int myvar

If you -force- it via - recast int myvar, force-, the former "0.1" will
become "0". Probably not what you want...


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[] Im Auftrag von Özlen D. Luznar
Gesendet: Montag, 21. Juni 2010 04:43
Betreff: st: float to numeric??

Hi everyone,

 I have a variable stored as float chip eligibility rate variable.  very
straightforward - varies between .1 and 4.  But it is stored as float and
gives me major toruble when I am using the values to generate new
variables etc.  I would like to store it as numeric so that stata can
recognize the values of this variable.  Does anyone have experience with
. codebook chipeligrate

chipeligrate                   chip eligibility rate by year and age and

                  type:  numeric (float)

                 range:  [.1,4]                       units:  .01
         unique values:  40                       missing .:  0/6585

                  mean:   1.92923
              std. dev:   .720279

           percentiles:        10%       25%       50%       75%       90%
                                 1       1.5         2         2         3

I need to chnage this variable and store is as int but I can not figure
out how. So far I tried compress but it seemed to work but when I
described the variable, still float.

 Thanks so much for your help in advance.

Özlen D. Luznar
PhD Candidate - Public Policy
Graduate Research Assistant
University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC)
1000 Hilltop Circle
Baltimore, MD 21250
410-455-6527 office
443-846-5010 cell

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