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st: runmplus package

From   "Rich Jones" <>
Subject   st: runmplus package
Date   Mon, 24 May 2010 08:41:19 -0400

Thanks to Kit Baum, a new package -runmplus- has just been posted to SSC. 

This package has been prepared for STATA users operating in the Windows environment. 

      'RUNMPLUS': module to set up data for Mplus

      runmplus brings the powerful latent variable analysis
      capabilities of Mplus (see into the Stata
      enviroment. While runmplus does little more than data reformat
      and ascii file creation, it removes a lot of the hassle of
      estimating categorical and continuous latent variable models
      using Mplus. runmplus will not check Mplus code for errors.
      runmplus can't be used efficiently without an understanding of
      the Mplus command syntax. runmplus is a modification and
      extension of Michael Mitchell's stata2mplus module (see The runmplus module does a
      number of tasks:  (1) creates an ascii data file suitable for use
      with Mplus using code from stata2mplus, and also (2) creates a
      mplus command file using options specified, (3) executes the
      mplus command file using the dos shell command feature, and (4)
      dumps the Mplus model results to the screen/log (unless directed
      not to by the user using log(off)).  Other modules are included
      to save model fit and selected parameter estimates over multiple
      runs (runmplus_fits) and to load data saved by Mplus into Stata
      (runmplus_load_savedata). Mplus software (demo or licensed) is
      required to use this STATA module
      KW: latent variables
      KW: Mplus
      Requires: Stata version 8
      Distribution-Date: 20100521
      Author: Rich Jones, Harvard University
      Support: email 


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