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Re: st: I can't get estout to post e(at) results after margins

From   Austin Nichols <>
Subject   Re: st: I can't get estout to post e(at) results after margins
Date   Mon, 17 May 2010 16:10:03 -0400

Carlos Zambrana <> :
You can always manipulate the -ereturn- output and repost inside an
eclass program (see also and
following topics); try e.g. these two methods:

clear all
prog relabat, eclass
 version 11
 if replay() {
 error 198
 tempname a b v
 loc N=e(N)
 mat `b'=e(b)
 mat `v'=e(V)
 mat `a'=e(at)
 forv i=1/`=rowsof(`a')' {
  loc n `n' `=`a'[`i',1]'
 mat colnames `b'=`n'
 mat rownames `v'=`n'
 mat colnames `v'=`n'
 eret post `b' `v', obs(`N')
 eret local cmd="relabat"
sysuse auto
qui regress mpg c.weight##c.weight
margins, dydx("weight") at(weight=(1760(200)4840)) post chainrule
est sto r0
forv i=1/`=rowsof(a)' {
 loc l `l' `=a[`i',1]'
esttab r0, labcol2(`l')
relabat r1
est sto r1
esttab r1

On Mon, May 17, 2010 at 3:06 PM, Carlos Zambrana <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> Suppose I'm trying to do something like:
> clear
> webuse auto
> regress mpg weight c.weight#c.weight
> margins, dydx("weight") at("weight"=(1760(200)4840)) post chainrule
> And after that I would like to export a table with the e(at) points
> together with the e(b) coefficients and their respective significance
> stars. I tried
> estout, cells("b&_star at")
> and
> estadd matrix At=e(at)'
> estout, cells("b&_star at At")
>  (I also tried "estadd matrix At=e(at)" just in case matrix dimensions mattered)
> But i always get a table with the e(b) coefficients and empty spaces
> for the e(at) or e(At) points. I can turn e(b) into a matrix and
> estout the joined (AT\e(b)) matrix but then I can't add the
> significance stars to this matrix.
> How can I get e(at) to be treated as an estimates matrix so that I can
> just use estout to post the results to an excel file?
> Thanks in advance.

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