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re:Re: AW: st: replace-all can crash do-file

From   Kit Baum <>
Subject   re:Re: AW: st: replace-all can crash do-file
Date   Sun, 16 May 2010 07:33:53 -0400

Stata update of   21oct2009   included (note points A,B):

   Stata executable, Windows

    22.  The Do-file Editor has the following new features and fixes:

         A.  New option "Replace all in selection" restricts the replacement of
             all occurrences to the currently selected text.

         B.  When a "Replace all" was requested of a string, s, with a string s1
             that contained s, an infinite loop happened.  This has been fixed.

         C.  "Balance Braces" under the "Find" submenu in the "Edit" menu did not
             work if the close brace was the last character of the file.  This
             has been fixed.

         D.  "Match Brace" under the "Find" submenu in the "Edit" menu selected
             the section of code between the focused brace and its matching
             brace.  It now selects only the matching brace.

         E.  Syntax highlighting settings could not be restored to factory
             defaults.  This has been fixed.

         F.  When a line was selected by clicking on the line number, the
             selected line and the following line were both executed.  This has
             been fixed.

         G.  Under certain conditions and when auto-indentation was enabled, the
             Do-file Editor computed the wrong indentation length for the current
             line based on the indentation length of the previous line.  This has
             been fixed.

Perhaps the Do-FIle Editor (which as Martin indicates is a separate process under Windows) was imperfectly fixed...

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