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re:st: RE: Error Message: r3900 - Problem with Memory of my Computer system ?!

From   Kit Baum <>
Subject   re:st: RE: Error Message: r3900 - Problem with Memory of my Computer system ?!
Date   Sun, 16 May 2010 07:29:05 -0400

Pascal said

Martin gave me the extremely helpful advice to use the „cmp“ command to
implement a three-stage selection model. So far it works fine. However, when
modeling the three-stage system with two selection equations and 1,000,000
observations I get the following error message when cmp tries to estimate
the combined model:

<istmt>:  3900  unable to allocate real <tmp>[1224521,46]

I already allocated the maximum memory (1000m) and matsize (10,000) to
STATA. I still get this error message.

So you have an idea how to solve the memory problem?

By my calculations that single matrix is about 4.2 Gb, so unless you have access to a system where you can allocate
5 or 6 Gb to Stata, you have no hope of solving this problem. What happens if you try to estimate the model with
10000 observations rather than a  million?

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