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Re: st: STATA 11 MI - how to get a standardized correlation?

From   Steve Samuels <>
Subject   Re: st: STATA 11 MI - how to get a standardized correlation?
Date   Tue, 11 May 2010 18:39:55 -0400

Not to reply to your question, but to point out that, in English, if a
word is spelled with all uppercase letters, those letters are initial
letters of  words in the original name.  Thus:
SAS = "Statistical Analysis System"
SPSS = "Statistical Package for the Social Sciences"
SUDAAN = "SUrvey DAta ANalysis"
UNESCO = "United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization"

"Stata" does not stand for anything else, and should never be spelled  "STATA".



On Tue, May 11, 2010 at 6:06 PM, Christina Weiland <> wrote:
> Hello -
> I am using STATA 11's MI features.  However, as I saw noted on another
> post, the "beta" option for mi estimate: reg does not work (that post
> is here:
>  I would like to estimate the standardized correlations among some of
> my imputed variables.  Does anyone know how to do this easily?  I've
> used the following round-about procedure but I'm not sure that it is
> correct (and whether correct or not, it is annoying) -
> mi estimate: mean y x
> (using the SE produced from the above step, I calculate the standard
> deviation by hand)
> /****Then, I standardize the variables of interest*****
> mi passive: generate x2=(x-mean_of_x)/STD_of_x
> mi passive: generate y2=(y-mean_of_y)/STD_of_y
> /*****regress the standardized x on standardized y***/
> mi estimate, post: reg y2 x2
> Thanks for any and all help/suggestions!
> Chris
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