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st: problem with mcaplot and label

From   Leila Ben Aoun <>
Subject   st: problem with mcaplot and label
Date   Wed, 31 Mar 2010 10:31:42 +0200

hi ,

I actually do mca and then mcaplot. Everything is fine except that I
have 10 active variable in the mca and around 15 passive and when I
asked to stata to label them it answers : too many options. Whether if
I don't ask label and just run a "mcaplot , overlay origin" there is
no trouble but it 's unreadable.  What can I do ?

My do file is as follows:

 #delimit ;
mca erange emar equa eflex ecap elbr emat eenv estd   if
new_prod_d==1 | new_proc_d==1 ,
supplementary (LAN newtic_e_mail newconnex_dsl newweb newtic_calend
 newconnex_mobile newtic_gdp newconnex_isdn newopen_source
newsign_digit newtic_visio newtic_forum newconnex_modem )
report(all) ddimensions(2) compact ;
#delimit ;
(LAN, mcolor(black) mlabcolor(black) symbol(+))
(newtic_e_mail, mcolor(blue) mlabcolor(blue) msymbol(+))
(newconnex_dsl, mcolor(ltblue) mlabcolor(ltblue) symbol(t))
(newweb, mcolor(sand) mlabcolor(sand) symbol(+))
(newtic_calend, mcolor(orange) mlabcolor(orange) symbol(+))
(newtic_extranet, mcolor(brown) mlabcolor(brown) msymbol(+))
(newconnex_mobile, mcolor(gs6) mlabcolor(gs6) symbol(t))
(newtic_gdp, mcolor(ltblue) mlabcolor(ltblue) symbol(+))
(newconnex_isdn, mcolor(green) mlabcolor(green) msymbol(t))
(newopen_source , mcolor(green) mlabcolor(green) symbol(+))
(newsign_digit, mcolor(red) mlabcolor(red) symbol(+))
(newtic_visio, mcolor(gs12) mlabcolor(gs12) symbol(+))
(newtic_forum, mcolor(pink) mlabcolor(pink) symbol(+))
(newconnex_modem , mcolor(pink) mlabcolor(pink) symbol(t))
(erange, mcolor(brown) mlabcolor(brown) symbol(d))
(emar, mcolor(navy) mlabcolor(navy) symbol(d))
(equa, mcolor(gs10) mlabcolor(gs10) symbol(d))
(eflex, mcolor(red) mlabcolor(red) symbol(d))
(ecap, mcolor(green) mlabcolor(green) symbol(d))
(elbr, mcolor(blue) mlabcolor(blue) symbol(d))
(emat, mcolor(purple) mlabcolor(purple) symbol(d))
(eenv, mcolor(mint) mlabcolor(mint) symbol(d))
(estd, mcolor(lavender) mlabcolor(lavender) symbol(d))
, overlay  origin legend( row(6))  ;


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