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st: Mata function found in Stata 11 but not in Stata 10

From   Ulrich Kohler <>
Subject   st: Mata function found in Stata 11 but not in Stata 10
Date   Tue, 23 Mar 2010 10:53:51 +0100

hi all,

a program of mine, -sqom.ado-, calls a Mata function in the compiled
Mata library -lsq.mlib-. The program runs fine on Stata 11, and also on
Stata 11 with version control for Stata 10. However, in a "native" Stata
10, the program crashes stating that it could not found the required
function in lsq.mlib. 

Here is a code snipped that reproduces the error (on Stata 10):

ssc install sq, replace
mata: mata mlib index
use, clear
reshape long st, i(id) j(order)
sqset st id order
sqom, full k(2)

In Stata 10 the last command issues the error

<istmt>:  3499  sqomfull() not found

while in Stata 11, and Stata 11 with version control for Stata 10 runs
without error. 

The program -sqom.ado- and the mata library -lsq.mlib- exist since Stata
9. -sqom.ado- itself works under version  control of Stata 9.2. The mata
library asks for Stata 9.1. 

The entire system runs fine until recently, when I added  two
subprograms in sqom.ado which only work for Stata 11. The subprograms
call two new functions in lsq.mlib. However neither the subprograms, nor
the newly added Mata functions are involved by the commands above.  

Obviously I have implemented a bug in my recent update. However I do not
have a clue where to look at now. What puzzles me is (a) that the
program works under version control of Stata 10 on Stata 11, and (b)
that the error message says that function sqomfull() is not found,
although we know from Stata 11 experience that it is in fact there.

Any ideas where to look at next highly appreciated. 

Many regards

Ulrich Kohler <>

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