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st: Re: Asking about how to run nonlinear ML with STATA

From   Kit Baum <>
To   "BOONYAWAT K." <>
Subject   st: Re: Asking about how to run nonlinear ML with STATA
Date   Sun, 14 Mar 2010 08:28:35 -0400

On Mar 14, 2010, at 7:53 AM, BOONYAWAT K. wrote:

> I have some problem about the methodology that I plan to use in my research, the Mishkin Test. I am not sure whether or not STATA support for "a nonlinear maximum likelihood estimation procedure".
> Refer to Kraft et al (2007), the Mishkin test jointly estimates a linear forecasting equation and a model of market equlibrium pricing. 
> Forecasting equation:  Earningst+1 = α0 + α1Earningst + vt+1                                                                                  
> Pricing equation:            Returnt+1 = β(Earningst+1 - α0 - α1*Earningst)+ εt+1
> Under Mishkin, I have to test whether  α1 = α1*(efficient market hypotheisis) by using the likelihood ratio test,  2n*In(SSRc/SSRu), suggested by Mishkin (1983).
> Note: If α1 = α1* then the sum of squared residuals from the estimation constraining α1 = α1*(SSRc) should not be different from the sum of squared residuals from the estimation allowing α1≠ α1*  (SSRu)
> Previous research, they normally run Mishkin test by SAS using PROC NLIN. However, I am familiar with STATA rather than SAS, so I hope that STATA can do this task as well. I wonder if your could  kindly give me some suggestion about how to do the test with STATA, please.

I do not believe any nonlinear estimation is required. A Wald-type test statistic may be computed using a nonlinear test procedure, employing the delta method:

set obs 1000
g t = _n
tsset t
set seed 20100314
loc lagearncoef 0.92
g double earnings = 0
g double returns = 0
replace earnings = 0.03 + 0.9 * L.earnings + rnormal(0, 0.1) in 2/l
replace returns = 1.5 * earnings - 1.5 * `lagearncoef' * L.earnings + rnormal(0, 0.1) in 2/l
qui reg earnings L.earnings
est store earn
qui reg returns earnings L.earnings
est store rets
suest earn rets
testnl [earn_mean]L.earnings = -1 * [rets_mean]L.earnings / [rets_mean]earnings

I believe this nonlinear Wald test should be asymptotically equivalent to the likelihood ratio test that you cite. If lagearncoef is closer to 0.9, the test will not reject.

Best wishes

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