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st: using arrays to make multiple indicator variables

From   Beth Fussell <>
Subject   st: using arrays to make multiple indicator variables
Date   Fri, 12 Mar 2010 09:51:01 -0800

Hi! I'm a new Stata user trying to convert my SAS programs. I've followed
the model Gouldner provides on using SAS-like arrays but it isn't working.
I'm not getting any useful error messages either. Can someone identify the
problem in my code?


/* create indicators of membership by type */
gen memchurh_r=.
gen memfrat_r=.
gen memserv_r=.
gen memvet_r=.
gen mempolit_r=.
gen memunion_r=.
gen memsport_r=.
gen memyouth_r=.
gen memschl_r=.
gen memhobby_r=.
gen memgreek_r=.
gen memnat_r=.
gen memfarm_r=.
gen memlit_r=.
gen memprof_r=.
gen memother_r=.
gen meminfgr_r=.

local array1 "memchurh_r memfrat_r memserv_r memvet_r mempolit_r memunion_r
memsport_r memyouth_r memschl_r memhobby_r memgreek_r memnat_r memfarm_r
memlit_r memprof_r memother_r meminfgr_r"
local array2 "memchurh memfrat memserv memvet mempolit memunion memsport
memyouth memschl memhobby memgreek memnat memfarm memlit memprof memother
local i = 1
local n : word count `array1'
di `n'
local o : word count `array2'
di `o'
di `i'
while `i' == `n' {
    local var1 : word `i' of `array1'
    local var2 : word `i' of `array2'
    replace `var1' = 1 if `var2' == 1
    replace `var1' = 0 if `var2' == 2
    local i = `i' + 1

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