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Re: st: Can we port Stata windowing and graphics preferences between computers?

From   Tim <>
Subject   Re: st: Can we port Stata windowing and graphics preferences between computers?
Date   Fri, 12 Mar 2010 17:04:50 +1100

I think the preferences are stored in the Windows registry.

So you should be able run regedit, find the Stata entries (probably under hkey_current_user) and export them. Then you can import them on another computer.

Standard warning about DO NOT MESS WITH THE WINDOWS REGISTRY applies. I don't know if there are machine specific entries that will cause problems if imported to another machine. If I were to approach this myself, I would try to identify and export the minimum I need. In practice, I only have 2 or 3 changes from the default, so I would just redo these changes on the new installation.


Roger Newson wrote:
Thanks to Eric for these suggestions.

Unfortunately, at least on my Windows version of Stata, the File menu contains nothing about saving preferences, only about saving (and importing) data. And the Edit menu has an option "Preferences", which has sub-options about loading, saving and deleting preferences, but nothing about any files that they might be loaded from or saved to. And the help for -window manage prefs- also contains a lot about loading and saving preference sets, but not much about what files they might be loaded or saved to. Presumably, they must be saved somewhere, but I have not yet managed to find anything that looks like it might be one of them, either in the sub-folders of the Stata11 program folder, or in the various "Documents and Settings" folders that we have under Windows. I don't know if it is different under MacOS, or if the ".rc" files that Eric mentions are a clue. I will keep on looking.

On 11/03/2010 20:55, Eric Booth wrote:

I've never tried this, so this is just a guess, but can you not just save your preferences from the "File" menu (in Mac OS X it creates a ".rc" file), locate that file and copy to a new machine, and then use/open the file from the same menu? I've used it to change windowing preferences when switching my laptop from being plugged into an external monitor to the classroom podium projector, but I've never tried it across multiple machines or platforms.

If you are looking for a command line solution, you can use the -window manage prefs- command (type "help window manage prefs") to load and save preferences; so you could put that command in your do-file or your file.

~ Eric
Eric A. Booth
Public Policy Research Institute
Texas A&M University

On Mar 11, 2010, at 1:50 PM, Roger Newson wrote:

Is there any way that Stata users can save windowing, font and graphics preferences in such a way as to be portable between different computers? (Or at least between different computers sharing the same operating environment?)

I ask because my hard disk failed without warning last Friday. Fortunately, I managed to re-install my Stata (Version 11, release date 09 March 2010, under Windows XP, with over 60 user-defined packages) on a temporary PC without much trouble, and do not expect to have much trouble porting everything back to my old PC when a new hard drive is installed. However, it would be even better if I could save my preferences to a server and load them again, without any manual tweaking.

I like the new standard preference sets for presentations, shipped with Stata 11, which are pre-optimized with large fonts for visibility to people with poor eyesight at the back of the hall. However, ideally, I would like also to be able to define an equally automatic preference set, with small fonts, for my own daily use, and not to have to reconstruct it when I move to a new PC.

Best wishes


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Respiratory Epidemiology and Public Health Group
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