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Re: st: Sample Wegihts

From   Michael Lichter <>
Subject   Re: st: Sample Wegihts
Date   Wed, 10 Mar 2010 00:47:49 -0500

Jason said:
Then to deal with cluster could I use the ,cluster(id) command after regress where id is a variable that identifies the subdistirct in all samples?
No. If you're going to take stratification into account, you need to use the -svy- commands. You declare your weight, clusters, and strata using -svyset- (see the manual or help page). You use the -svy- prefix for tables and for regressions, e.g., svy: reg y x. The -svy- commands automatically know the design information you've supplied with -svyset-.

Stas said:
overall P[ selection ]  = P[ to be selected in the first sample ] + P[ to be
selected in the second sample ] - P [ to be selected in both ] = 1 -
Is this correct even with if the first sample is an SRS and the second is clustered? I can't show otherwise, but it doesn't feel right that every case in a specific urban area should have the same weight regardless of which sample it was drawn from.

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