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st: using spmap and option "point"

From   "Vitorino, Maria Ana" <>
To   "" <>
Subject   st: using spmap and option "point"
Date   Mon, 1 Mar 2010 03:35:47 -0500

Dear statalist users,

Is the following possible?

I have 2 files:

*file1 is something like:

region populationsize  id
A            ...                	  1
B            ...              		  2
C           ...               	  3

(I also have a file with the region coordinates so that I can use spmap)

*file 2 is something like:

store_id  xcoord  ycoord
100          ...			...
201           ...		...       
345          ...			...
411           ...		...
544          ...			...

I would like to do a map with the stores superimposed on the map but only for the stores that are located in region B or C (note that I don't have that information on file2, otherwise it would be easy to do), excluding store 345 (irrespective of where it is located).

If I do something like the following, the problem is that all the stores (even the ones that are not located in regions B or C) show up...and I only want the ones located in regions B or C.

spmap populationsize if region=="B" | region=="C" using file1coord, id(id) point(data("file2.dta") xcoord(xcoord) ycoord(ycoord) fcolor(emerald) select(drop if store_id==345))

How can I modify this command line to achieve what I'm looking for?

Any help is appreciated.


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