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st: moptimize lf2 evaluator syntax -- manual wrong again?

From   László Sándor <>
Subject   st: moptimize lf2 evaluator syntax -- manual wrong again?
Date   Sat, 27 Feb 2010 20:06:41 -0500

Hi all,

Am I right that the manual's example on an lf2 evaluator for
-moptimize- won't run, as 'fv' is a vector here, while
-moptimize_util_matsum- expects a scalar as its last argument?
                if (todo>=1) {
                        s1  = z:/s
                        s2  = z:^2 :- 1
                        S   = (s1, s2)
                        if (todo==2) {
                                h11 = -1:/s:^2
                                h22 = -2*z:^2
                                h12 = -2*z:/s
                                H11 = moptimize_util_matsum(M, 1,1, h11, fv)
                                H22 = moptimize_util_matsum(M, 2,2, h22, fv)
                                H12 = moptimize_util_matsum(M, 1,2, h12, fv)
                                H   = (H11, H12 \ H12', H22)
(From: )

Also, there is a parenthesis missing in fv's defining line: fv  =
ln(normalden(y1:-p1, 0, s)


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