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st: GB2 question

From   Jon Schwabish <>
Subject   st: GB2 question
Date   Thu, 31 Dec 2009 08:00:37 -0800 (PST)

I've been toying around with the excellent GB2 packages put together by Nick Cox & Stephen Jenkins and was hoping someone could help out with a slight issue I'm facing.

Is there a way to fix the process so that I can estimate the same predictions for the same people over multiple runs? That is, when I run the following code it is not the case that x1=x2 (even when setting a seed).

gb2fit inc, stats 
qgb2 inc, gen(x1)

gb2fit inc, stats 
qgb2 inc, gen(x2)

Ideally, I'd like to generate the same predictions for each person if I run my program multiple times.

Also, does anyone know how to construct a picture of the pdf of the GB2 distribution? 

Thanks and Happy New Year,


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