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st: r(603) error when using mi impute command with network version of Stata 11

From   "Maclennan, Graeme S." <>
To   "''" <>
Subject   st: r(603) error when using mi impute command with network version of Stata 11
Date   Thu, 24 Dec 2009 13:06:53 +0000

Dear Statalist , I have just started to explore the mi commands in Stata 11.  I started with the simple example using the following code:

webuse mheart5
mi set mlong
mi register imputed age bmi
set seed 29390
mi impute mvn age bmi = attack smokes hsgrad female, add(10)
mi estimate: logistic attack smokes age bmi hsgrad female

After the impute command I get the following error r(603) :

could not find a filename for temporary flongsep file
    I tried __mitmpfile1.dta through __mitmpfile200.dta.  Perhaps you do not have write permission in this directory.

I am not a Stata expert and cant find this error anywhere online.  But, I am using a network version of Stata, do you think that this error is being caused by mi trying to write files to a a location where I don't have write permissions?  (As the error indicates!). I have listed the results of sysdir command below and I don't have write permission to the V drive.  As IT have gone on Xmas vacation and wont be back til New Year I was wondering if a) anyone has seen this error before and has a work around or b) is there someway to tell Stata to write to another location when using commands such as mi?

STATA:  V:\Stata11SE\
UPDATES:  V:\Stata11SE\ado\updates\
BASE:  V:\Stata11SE\ado\base\
SITE:  V:\Stata11SE\ado\site\
PLUS:  c:\ado\plus\
PERSONAL:  c:\ado\personal\
OLDPLACE:  c:\ado\

Regards, Graeme.

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