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st: International graphs

From   Sergiy Radyakin <>
Subject   st: International graphs
Date   Wed, 23 Dec 2009 12:45:55 -0500

Dear All,

1. It is possible to create labels and generally process text in
non-latin languages (Cyrillic, Arabic, etc) in Stata. Is it possible
to create graphs in Stata with characters from these languages? (no
multi-byte characters involved, symbols are codepaged). If so, could
someone, please, provide an example? It seems that Stata always uses
the Western European codepage for the upper 128 characters when
showing text in the graphs, or outputs them as question-marks. Is
there any way to specify this codepage directly or via font aliases
(e.g. by specifying fontface "Arial Cyr" instead of "Arial" to obtain
the cyrillic codepage)? I am aware of Greek symbols introduced in
Stata 11, but they are customly described as smcl tags and thus are
not helpful.

2. Independently of the answer to Q1, is there any guideline for
creating graphs in languges, where the script is written
right-to-left? For example, in the graphs I've seen, the title is
aligned to the right, but there is no consistency with the legend
(whether key is located to the left or to the right of it's
description). I am also not sure about the axes: should the time axis
(X-axis) be reversed and go right-to-left as well? A reference to a
gallery of examples of graphs in Arabic, Hebrew or other languages
would be very helpful.

Thank you, and happy holidays everyone!
 Sergiy Radyakin
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