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st: Using esttab to combine multiple xtmixed outputs

From   Ada Lo <>
Subject   st: Using esttab to combine multiple xtmixed outputs
Date   Tue, 15 Dec 2009 23:35:56 +1000

Hi all,

I'm trying to collate xtmixed output into tables using esttab.

Model 1
xtmixed LM1TRc Time || StudyID:, var mle
estimates store ra

Model 2
xtmixed LM1TRc Time || StudyID: Time, cov(unstr) var mle
estimates store rb

Model 3
xtmixed LM1TRc Time##gender || StudyID: Time, cov(unstr) var mle
estimates store rc

After running the 3 models, I used esttab to combine the results

esttab ra rb rc, se aic bic wide star transform (ln*: exp(@) exp(@))
eqlabels("" "sd(Time)" "sd(_cons)" "corr(Time,_cons)" "sd(Residual)" ,
none) varlabels(,elist(Time:_cons "{break}{hline @width}"))

Problem 1: There's no sd(Time) in the first model so the coefficients
didn't match up with the correct label. Is there a way to solve this
without manual fixing?

Problem 2: Is it possible to suppress the coefficients and SE output
for the reference category/dichotomous variable?

Question: If I also want to ask for lrtest output, apart from running
it separately, is it possible for esttab to show lrtest result as

Your help would be much appreciated!


PS: I know it sounds really dumb but I have been unsuccessful in
posting any reply. I have read the guideline and I thought I have
followed it closely - changed the email subject to my thread subject
and keep everything else as it is plus my reply at the top...but none
of my replies ever showed up in Statalist. What am I doing wrong?
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