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st: AW: RE: Dropping all missing values

From   "Martin Weiss" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: AW: RE: Dropping all missing values
Date   Mon, 14 Dec 2009 17:45:43 +0100


If you are certain you do not want to touch string missings, then Mosi
should at least make sure he gets the extended missings ([U], 12.2.1) as
well. A mere comparison with the "." missing value does not suffice. 

sysuse auto, clear
replace foreign=.a in 4
foreach var of varlist rep78 foreign {
drop if `var'>=.

The function -missing()- would encompass the string case as well, btw.


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Betreff: st: RE: Dropping all missing values


You can use the following code to do it.

 foreach var of varlist var1 var2 var3 {
 drop if `var'==.

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Subject: st: Dropping all missing values


I am at the final stage of dataset preparation and would like to
remove all missing values. I know that I can drop all missing values
with the following syntax:

drop x1 if == .
drop x2 if == .

But, because I am going to have quite a few variables in the final
dataset, I would prefer as short a command syntax as possible. Of
course the goals of such an exercise is to ensure that all of my
analysis for this study is based on the same cases.

Thank you so much,


Mosi A. Ifatunji, Ph.D. Candidate
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