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Re: st: What is the proper way of modifying user-created ado-files. . .

From   Roy Wada <>
Subject   Re: st: What is the proper way of modifying user-created ado-files. . .
Date   Wed, 18 Nov 2009 12:32:40 -0800

> as best they can. I am sorry that my recent programs, included in such a
> remark, have not met your own standards.

The points you make is well taken. My apologies to you and everyone if
that seemed inappropirate. I hope it is obvious by now that is not
what I meant. But let's not get sidetracked.

Authorship in open source remains as it remains with traditional
books, which is alway open. People can jump in any time they wish, of
course. They are always very welcome, as you know, and I personally do
not agree with people who says programs should or should not be
written one way or another. The same thing was said about me if you
may remember.

You have noted that I am pushing in one direction. It would be nice if
you would consider along the points I have made in making changes to
FAQ. Note that these are suggestions. You can always say something is
not a good idea, and did say so.

Many people have been working to make this a respectable area of
academia, including Kit and yourself. Some of things I have seen is
contrary to that, as you must be aware.

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