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st: RE: AW: Getting ados into Stata

From   "Nick Cox" <>
To   <>
Subject   st: RE: AW: Getting ados into Stata
Date   Tue, 17 Nov 2009 21:46:05 -0000

In addition, -help whatsnew- [sic] cannot be expected to record any installations you have made of user-written programs. It does not advise you of anything other than changes in official Stata. 


Martin Weiss

Also, Mahdi should not touch "C:\Program Files\Stata SE 10.1\ado\base" in
any way, shape or form. The consequences will be unpleasant and
unpredictable. BTW, this is probably not the real path as the middle portion
should probably read "Stata10" instead of "Stata SE 10.1". Mahdi may type
-di "`c(sysdir_base)'"- to find out...

Martin Weiss

I am forwarding this on behalf of Mahdi. I am not completely certain I
understand what he is trying to do, but he may want to paste the ado-files
into his personal directory which would usually be something like
"c:\ado\personal/". If he wants to find the path on his machine, he should

- di "`c(sysdir_personal)'" -

He can check the success by typing -which pvar- and so on. Under no
circumstances should he change the -sysdir-s just to make Stata aware of his
ado files.


i have question about STATA, install ado. file i be grateful if you answer

i have three ado file with name of pvar.ado sgmm.ado helm.ado, these file
code write for estimate panel var in stata 

my problem is this: in two way i try to attach this three file to stata,
first i put each file in C:\Program Files\Stata SE 10.1\ado\base 

second i create file with name of mah and i put these file on it and i do
below procedures: 

sysdir set PLUS c:\mah 

sysdir set PERSONAL c:\mah 

but whn i type help whatnew  nothing happen.  stata isnt read pvar.ado and
other file 

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