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AW: st: Save estimates in a data file

From   "Martin Weiss" <>
To   <>
Subject   AW: st: Save estimates in a data file
Date   Thu, 29 Oct 2009 11:09:19 +0100


How does this example address the -over()- option which Rafael wanted in
addition to conditioning on "mm"?

Note you create a -tempfile- but end up using a permanent one by the name of
"temp1.dta" while `temp1' remains "idle"...

Conditioning on the return code from -summ- is unusual, what is your
intention there? Note that the return code is zero, even if the -if-
qualifier cannot be satisfied:

set obs 1
gen x=5
gen y=7
su x if y==6
di in r _rc

You can of course -count- beforehand, and then condition on the returned
value -r(N)- being different from zero...


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Betreff: Re: st: Save estimates in a data file

Does this example help at all?

set obs 100
g var1 = uniform()
g var2 = _n

tempfile temp1

postfile means num mean using "temp1", replace

forval i = 5(5)100 {
capture su var1 if var2 < `i'
if _rc == 0 {
loc mean = `r(mean)'
else {
local mean = .
post means (`i') (`mean')

postclose means

use temp1

Rafael Claro wrote:
> Dear Listers,
> IÔÇÖve been trying to save the results of an analysis as a new data file. 
> The scenario is very simple. First I estimate some ÔÇ£meansÔÇØ with the
> foreach x of local mm {
> mean income if mm == `xÔÇÖ, over( track)
> }
> where:
> mm = 1200
> track = 10
> Then, these estimated values (track number and mean value only) have to be
saved in a new data file, specific to each ÔÇ£mmÔÇØ value.
> IÔÇÖve been trying to solve this with the command ÔÇ£estimates saveÔÇØ but
I have not been able of doing it so.
> My only option now is to generate the ÔÇ£meansÔÇØ, with egen, directly on
the data file, drop all other information and then save the file with a
different name. however Im pretty sure that there might be a
simpler/easier way of doing it.
> Thanks in advance for your help.
> Best,
> RClaro
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