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Re: st: RE: AW: -graph combine- question

From   Nick Winter <>
Subject   Re: st: RE: AW: -graph combine- question
Date   Fri, 23 Oct 2009 10:28:48 -0400

Indeed, I have struggled with this as well. The not-perfect solution I usually use is to force Stata to include the space that the titles *would* take up in each graph, so the x-axis ends up the same size in all of them. This can be done by setting the color of the title to "scheme background":

. gr twoway scatter mpg price, ytitle("Hello" "world") name(one)

. gr twoway scatter mpg price, ytitle("Hello" "world", color("scheme background")) name(two)

. gr combine one two

And then fiddle with the -imargin- option to -graph combine- to get them closer together if desired.


On 10/23/2009 4:59 AM, G Livesey wrote:
Dear Statalisters,
Kieran's question is a good one. Martine's answer may solve Kieran's current
problem, though only partially answers the question.
"ensure that the LENGTH of the x-axis is the same"

I have no easy solution  to do this and ask how to do this when the graphs
to combine do not have A) a common x-axis or B) perhaps (I did not try this) span different ranges of a common axis or
C) carry different axis-titles (e.g. some with and some without such
titles), which can affect the proportion of space given to the graph and
axis/margins and so length of the axis.

A more comprehensive solution than -common axis- would be welcome though I
have not found one myself, and like Kieran have in the past had to play
about a lot to get what I want.

Does a solution exist? Can one be created?

With much appreciation and many thanks,

Geoff. Livesey

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Sent: 23 October 2009 09:20
Subject: st: AW: -graph combine- question

You are not looking for the -xcommon- option to -graph combine-, are you?

set obs 10000
gen x1=  rnormal(10,100)
gen x2= rnormal(100,10)
gen num=_n

tw (line x1 num) in 1/5000, /* */ name(gr1, replace) nodraw tw (line x2 num), /* */ name(gr2, replace) nodraw

graph combine gr1 gr2, /* */ ycommon xcommon


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Gesendet: Freitag, 23. Oktober 2009 04:33
Betreff: st: -graph combine- question


Suppose I have four graphs that I combine to look like this:

My question is: is there an easy way to ensure that the length of the x-axis
is the same in all four graphs when they are combined.

I can probably fiddle around with margin gaps until I get them right, but is
there something a little easier than that?


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